Barbecues design

The design is the fundamental pillar in this model of design barbecues since the design barbecues are characterized by having as modern and current finishes as possible.

We manufacture the design barbecues in artificial stone, a material much stronger than concrete and are prepared for use with firewood or coal.

The upper part of the design barbecue has a bell with rectangular shapes that helps to improve the smoke flow, made of 3mm sheet and painted in the oven so that they do not oxidize or damage the paint.

This type of design barbecues, include a stainless steel meat grill measuring 68 cm wide x 45 cm deep x 45cm high, with this grill you can cook both charcoal and wood.

Why buy a designer barbecue?

The design barbecues are perfect for those people who have a modern and modern house. You will have the perfect design barbecue for your terrace or patio.