Imitation wood barbecues

If you are looking for an original and exclusive design of barbecues, we have created for you the imitation wood barbecues. The design of the wood imitation stone barbecue will surprise you with its unique and exclusive design that you have never seen in another barbecue factory or online store, it is made of artificial stone, one of the hardest materials than concrete and perfect for Barbecues and reinforced with 6mm galvanized rods.

When someone sees this barbecue, with that texture and color that mimics natural wood, they will not think that it is made of artificial stone and also with that combination with the black iron fireplace adds a very elegant final touch.

Iron fireplaces are much stronger than stone or concrete fireplaces.

In the area of ​​the fire, we add an iron box 68cm wide x 45cm deep and 45m high that will protect the entire barbecue from heat and prevent aging, this iron box includes a drawer collects ash just as large as all the barbecue and a stainless steel grill adjustable in height.

To finalize the design of the imitation wood barbecues, if you need it, in one of the side benches we can make the hole to fit a sink.

Why buy a faux wood barbecue?

An imitation wood barbecue is a new concept of barbecues, for those people who like to risk the design and do not want to have what everyone has in their home. The original and imposing appearance of the imitation wood barbecues will make your guests speechless when they see it.