Iron barbecues

In addition to conventional stone barbecues, if your budget is not very high, you can find the barbecue you need by buying an iron barbecue.

Iron barbecues are simpler and cheaper than artificial stone barbecues, but they are perfect for those who do not have much room to place a barbecue or do not want to invest in an artificial stone.

The Iron Barbecue includes a stainless steel grill with drawer collects ashes. The floor of the fire zone is reinforced with iron and the whole barbecue is painted in black with heat paint so that it does not come out with the heat of the fire. Perfect for cooking in wood or coal.

If you wish we can make a bench as a base and some side benches made of artificial stone like that of any of our barbecues, or make a few feet of iron.

Why buy an iron barbecue?

An iron barbecue is perfect to enter the world of barbecues, if you are not going to use your barbecue much, with little money you will have what you need.