Modern barbecues

Modern barbecues are the latest and most conceptual of the barbeque designs we have on our website. It is perfect for a house with modern and newly built design, it presents a perfect look for those people who love modern and elegant designs.

A modern and innovative barbecue, made of artificial stone, a much stronger material than concrete and armed with galvanized steel rods.

In the area of ​​the fire we add a drawer with grill included, so that you can put your grill on different levels, since each cooked is different and you may need to raise and lower the grill to your liking, it also includes a drawer collects ashes so that after the cooked you can easily and quickly clean your modern barbecue and have it ready for the next cooked. This drawer measures 68cm wide x 45cm deep x 45cm high.

The combination of straight lines with gray and white colors gives these barbecues a really modern look.

The lower space of the barbecue can be used as a lumberjack, we also incorporate a stone shelf so you can leave everything you want.

Why buy a modern barbecue?

In our modern barbecues, thanks to its straight-line design, they make it ideal for putting doors at the bottom of the benches.

We only manufacture the barbecues, but we recommend that you install them once you have mounted the barbecue and that a metal or wood carpenter will take exact measures to put the doors.